ABOUT The Millionaire's Club

The Millionaire's Club was developed by professionals from banking, education, and financial literacy disciplines. The focus is on delivering a meaningful learning experience to Club members that will provide lifelong personal finance skills so participants avoid financial missteps, and prosper in our ever-challenging financial world.

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Local Credit Union Leagues, Associations, and Foundations often provide support and help to organize new Clubs. Materials and supplies are provided at no charge to Millionaire's Clubs. Clubs are seeded through seed grants provided by the sponsoring credit union or other interested party and that investment may be shared by the local credit union league or credit union foundation. Funding varies depending on the Club's needs, participation and fees associated with the Stock Market Game™, and start-up costs for the Club's annual entrepreneurial project.  

Mission & Vission The Millionaire's Club

missition Our Mission

Our mission is to create a successful team from which to create real values ​​to help the community succeed and prosper.

missition Our Vission

MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB represents wealth, our goal is to get rich not only rich in money and material but also rich in emotions, rich in relationships, rich in health, rich in intelligence, rich in thought, ...

missition Our Motto

Our motto is Serve To Success, creating real value to serve the community.

Quantity Statistics The Millionaire's Club

10.000+ MEMBER


$50 - $2.000 INVEST

OUR CLUB The Millionaire's Club


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Millionaire’s Club

You are blessed to bless others. You become a millionaire, help the poor. Be a giver to others. Learn to give as soon as you can.


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